S(urr)ounding Project


As its title – ‘S(urr)ounding’, including three words: sound, your, and surrounding, this project is focused on the discovery of soundscape around us, besides, to transform it into music with the original, musical quality of soundscapes. Instead of “sampling” the sound and cut it into pieces, this project attempts to retain what we really hear, maintain the atmosphere of the space and preserve the original sounding environment. Let the music arrangement grows on the irregular rhythm of the nature soundscape. It’s based on digital composing, however it’s highly expected to create connections to the listeners through their awareness, imagination and common memories.


自然存在我們之間  因為貼得很近而不被注意

於是想建一座音樂的橋 拉開它和日常的距離

也得以走進各地 用聽的風景

1. Raining Glacier

2. Silver River Golden People

3. Zona On Wed.

4. Cicada Symphony

5. Water Boys

6. Fajr

7. Bursa Market

8. Communication – Buenos Aires

9. Original soundscape of Water Boys (track no.5)

10. Original soundscape of Bursa Market (track no.7)

Soundscape of all the tracks were recorded and composed during 2012-2014.
Tracks – music composed by Eshen Chen.
Mixing and Mastering at Inter Arts Center, Malmö
Sound Engineering Guidance by Kent Olofsson.

1. Raining Glacier – recorded on 2013.11.10 at Jökulsárlón, East, Iceland
2. Silver River Golden People – recorded 2012.07.22 at Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina
3. Zona On Wed. – recorded on 2012.06.27 at Zona Imaginaria, San Fernando, Buenos Aires, Argentina
4. Cicada Symphony – recorded on 2014.05.12 at 來吹涼風二, Dulan, Taitung, Taiwan
5. Water Boys – recorded on 2013.07.15 at Härlanda Sjö, Göteborg, Sweden
6. Fajr – recorded on 2013.05.25 at Bursa, Turkey
7. Bursa Market – recorded on 2013.05.26 at Koza Hani, Bursa, Turkey
8. Communication – Buenos Aires – recorded on 2012.07.10 at Buenos Aires City, Argentina
9. Original soundscape of Water Boys (track no.5)
10. Original soundscape of Bursa Market (track no.7)

Zona Imaginaria
Artist’s Milepost
Inter Arts Center
Bowers & Wilkins
Hakka Affairs Council
Oficina Comercial y Cultural de Taipei en Argentina
National Culture and Arts Foundation
Department of Cultural Affairs Taipei City Government
Visby International Centre for Composers
Le Park Cafe
Lung Yintai Cultural Foundation
World Hakka Association-Argentina

Lucrecia Urbano, Duane Poncy, Maryrose Larkin, Lynda Golan, Ana Luandina, Paula Lopes, Virgínia Valente,  Kent Olofsson, Santiago Fredes, Burak Faik Emirgil, Nico Abad, Märta Lindqvist, Erik Weddig, Ann Pettersson, Ragnheiður Sigurjónsdóttir, Máni Lárentsson, Sarah Mansa, Anas Husaria, Milk Family, Lesley Spector, Stacey Tran, Travis Mayers, Blaze Wu, Krzyś Zimmermann, 苔毛, 兩倆, 賴欣臨, 黃一晉 郭博勝, 蘇郁心, 李茂勇, 鐘媽媽,  鐘大哥, 駱仁威, 謝依明, 鄭晴文, 徐倩, 黃哲誠, 許雁婷